In the film DOA: Dead or Alive - loosely based on the video game series - Christie is played by Holly Valance. In the film, Christie is known as a master thief with a character called Max, played by Matthew Marsden, as her partner in crime and on-off boyfriend. In this continuity she is portrayed as being a more approachable and social person as well as possessing platinum blond hair and the family name ‘Allen’. She is willing to spend time with the other girls even when she does not have to and follows them to look for Ryu Hayabusa even though she does not need to nor does it fit in with her job of robbing Donovan.


  • Christie first appears taking a shower before coming out to see cops trying to arrest her. During her interrogation, she sexually strips her black underwear on and when the chief hands her bra wrapped around her gun, she kicks the gun out of his hands and engages the cops as she strips her towel off, exposing her boobs and uses it to apprehend them, then when she slips into her bra and blackmails the chief into strapping it on, she takes him out and takes off out of her room in her underwear into a local elevator. When she got in an old man looks at her and